Ambassador Minxhozi and Minister Rahmani discussed about the cooperation between Kosovo and Albania in the field of health.

Pristina, May 5, 2016
Minister of Health Imet Rahman hosted the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Kosovo, Mr. Qemal Minxhozi.
In this meeting, Minister Rahmani and Ambassador Minxhozi praised the very good relations between our two countries in the field of health, especially the cooperation with the cities close to the cross-border, where the citizens from the northern Albania have been able to take health services at the Hospital of Gjakova and Prizreni.
Ambassador Minxhozi appreciated the assistance of Prizreni and Gjakova Hospitals, for the services they offer to the patients of Tropoja, Bajram Curri and Kukës. The patients receive dialysis and mammography services in these two hospitals. Ambassador Minxhozi said that "it was necessary for this collaboration to be formalized in order to create new opportunities for its expansion. Another aspect of cooperation is the involvement of professors from Tirana. These professors can hold scientific lectures in the field of medicine in Kosovo and vice versa".
Ambassador Minxhozi and Minister Rahmani expressed that despite the challenges that health systems of the two countries have, there are quite new areas of cooperation, which can be worked on.

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