Colours of Albania



This initiative aims at presenting the image of the country, conveying the true colors of our society, the stunning cities and villages, the coastlines and beautiful landscapes, as well as the bazars and historic castles of Albania.

The competition


Every week a topic will be published on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page of Colors of Albania & also on the Web of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, so you can participate by sending us your photos.




Nationwide campaign and photo contest on social media to promote Albania (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Web)
The 4th edition of the digital photography competition will be under the motto "Cultural heritage and European belonging", in line with the European Year for Culture Heritage 2018.




  1. Follow your imagination and take pictures depicting the beauty of Albania;

  2. Publish pictures in your Instagram profile, with the hashtag   #ColoursofAlbania2018;
  3. TAG our Instagram profile @ColoursofAlbania, @Albanianmefa;
  4. TAG on Facebook @ColoursofAlbania, @AlbanianMefa;
  5. TAG on Twitter @ColoursofAlbania
  6. You can send your pictures by hitting “CHECK IN” at the place where it was taken;
  7. You can send pictures published months ago, as long as you use the #ColoursofAlbania2018 hashtag.


The contest # ColoursofAlbania2018 will be open until July 30, 2018, for all Albanian citizens and especially young citizens, passionate about photography, travel, art, culture, nature, etc.

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