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By birth 
According to the Law no. 8442, date 21.1.1999 "On Amendments to the Law no. 8389, dated 05.08.1998, "On Albanian citizenship" for every child that was born out of the territory of the Republic of Albania, having at least an Albanian parent gains automatically the Albanian citizenship.
The child's parent must appear in All Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Republic of Albania to declare the birth of their child with the necessary documentation that includes:
1. Child’s birth act;
2. The consent declaration of non-Albanian parent for his child to get citizenship;
Both these documents must be legalized by the competent authority of the respective country.
By naturalization, must be presented documents as follows:
·         The request application of a foreign citizen to the President of the Republic of Albania. This request must contain the full identity of the applicant (name, birth date, birthplace, citizenship), the exact address of his permanent residence and the address where he wants to receive the information during the process of his application, and the reasons of the request for the Albanian citizenship. The request should be signed including name, surname and signature of the applicant;
·         Birth certificate, original, legalized with the seal of the Ministry of Interior of Kosovo, the seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the seal of the Embassy;
·         Residence permit in the Republic of Albania, according to the criteria of the Law on Citizenship (1 year, 3 years or 5 years) (notarized copy);
·         Act of an apartment ownership or the rental contract of the house (notarized copy);
·         A labor contract for employees or confirmation by the tax office for self-employed or investors (notarized copy);
·         Documents certifying the availability of sufficient funds for living, like bank guarantees, savings, official certificates of incomes (notarized copy);
·         Evidence that the person is not under investigation, legalized with the seal of the Court, seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the seal of the Embassy;
·         Photo of the applicant, three copies (if there are minor children, photo of each of them);
·         Certificate (when necessary) to prove the Albanian origin of the applicant, until two generations, even if it’s just from one parent.
* Citizens of Kosovo who are married to an Albanian citizen for more than three years, must have 1 year residence permit in order to apply for Albanian citizenship.
** Citizens of Kosovo that can prove that their two generations originate from Albania, if one of the parents or grandparents have the Albanian nationality, must have 3-year residence permit to apply for acquisition of Albanian citizenship.
Re-acquisition of the Albanian citizenship:
Re-acquisition of citizenship by the person who renounced the Albanian citizenship due to the commitment to be granted another citizenship. This person can regain it if he has not taken the promised citizenship.
Even in this case the person must present documents of identification, as well as documents that argue request of the Albanian citizen.
 Required documentation
·         Citizen's request addressed to the President of the Republic of Albania. This request must contain the full identity of his name, birth date, birthplace, citizenship, exact address of his permanent address (no. Tel.) in which can receive the information regarding application performance and the reasons for re-acquisition of the Albanian citizenship. The request should be signed with the name, surname and signature of the applicant;
·         Birth certificate and family certificate (legalized);
·         Explanatory report and confirmation from the local Police Station and relevant District in relation to the former or current citizenship of the applicants’ parents;
·         Notarial declaration of each adult applicant, wherein it should be declared that he/she has acquired no other citizenship and that he/she is currently a stateless person;
·         Certificate issued by the relevant administrative unit for each adult applicant;
·         Certificate of Birth or Death of Parents of the Applicant;
·         Applicant’s photo; (three pieces, if there are minor children, photos for each of them).
The registration of marriage is carried out at the Embassy, where at least one of the spouses is an Albanian citizen.
Required documentation:
1.    When both have the Albanian nationality:
Ø  Birth certificate with photo or photocopy of the identity card attached to each of the spouses;
Ø  Marriage certificate for each of the spouses;
Ø  In both cases, birth certificates and marriage certificates should be legalized by prefectures and have validity up to 3 months from the date of issuance.
2. When one of the spouses is Albanian citizen:
•      For the Albanian citizen is required:
Ø  Documents in paragraph 1.
•      For a foreign citizen is required:
Ø  Marriage permit from the country of origin;
Ø  Certificate from the embassy of the country of origin accredited to the host country (or the respective embassy that covers state where the marriage takes place, in case there is no accredited embassy) which confirms the validity of the marriage;
Ø  Birth certificate;
Ø  Photocopy of the passport;
Ø  Documentation should be legalized;
Ø  Documentation must be translated in Albanian by the competent authorities of the host country.
Legalization of the documentation
The legalization of each document issued by the institutions of Kosovo is made at the Embassy from Monday to Friday. To legalize the document it must contain the legalization seal of institution that issued the document, as well as the legalization seal the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo.
Legalization costs 20 euro.
Based on the Agreement of Free Movement of Nationals between the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Kosovo, on March 29, 2010, Kosovo citizens do not need to apply for visa in the territory of Albania for a visit, or to stay no longer than 90 days within a period of 180 days from the date of their first entry.
Citizens of the Republic of Kosovo may enter in the territory of Albania with one of the following documents:
1. Ordinary passport;
2. Diplomatic Passport;
3. Official Passports;
4. ID card;
5. Group travel document;
6. The valid travel document to return to the Republic of Kosovo;
7. Permit for circulation in border areas;
8. Travel document issued in accordance with the law applicable to international contracting parties.
Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Kosovo accepts applications and issues visas only for foreigners that are resident in Kosovo. The application form and visa type can be found at the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania.

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