Energy, inauguration of Albanian-Kosovo "highway"

Albania and Kosovo inaugurated the new power line of 400 kV, taking an important step toward the creation of a common energy market, and even wider. This ceremony, that took place in substation of Kashar, was attended by the two prime ministers Edi Rama, Isa Mustafa, also from other officials from both countries. Prime Minister Rama, expressed that this inauguration is a step of a new chapter for the integration of the two countries.
Albanian-Kosovo interconnection line of 400 kV, has a total length of 241.1 km, of which 151.1 km is located in the Albanian territory and 90 km is extended in the territory of Kosovo. The first segment which is from Tirana to Vau Dejës line, 80 km long, includes the extension of the second district in existing line "Tirana-Podgorica", and the second segment of the line consists in construction of a new line with a district Vau Dejës- Morine, 71 km long. The line has two conductors per phase, ACSR 490/65 mm2 type.
Conductors of the protection from weather shocks will be inner equipped with optical fiber, for telecommunication purposes and data exchange. According to specialists, Albania and Kosovo will benefit with this energy connection, due to the combination of power generation sources. Albania's energy production it’s based on 95% from hydropower, while Kosovo from power plant.

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