Gymnasium of Gjakova declares Minxhozi "HONORARY FRIEND"

Ambassador Qemal Minxhozi was hosted on Wednesday, in a very enthusiastic way by the director, teachers and students of the gymnasium "Hajdar Dushi", in Gjakova.
They gave the price called "Honorary Friend", and the director of the school Mr. Bedri Cahan said that this high school is a moderated school, which appreciates the cooperation with local and international organizations, moreover with the Albanian institutions. Talking of Gjakova history, this important territory of Albania, director Cahan expressed that this gymnasium that he leads, has highest scores in the final exams and has the highest number of the students that continue their future studies.
During his speech, Ambassador Minxhozi was accompanied by an applause from the students. He held an open conversation with them and reminded that they have the opportunity today to become those who they want to be tomorrow.
"Every time that I come in Gjakova I feel home. Today I have come to honor you not only you as one of the best schools of Kosovo but also to honor the figure of the hero Hajdar Dushi, with whom my father was comrade-in-arms. If your grandparents and your parents have made the yesterday’s history, today is your turn to work for this country, and I am sure you will know how to do it", said Minxhozi before hundreds of students.
Ambassador visited the library, laboratory of the chemistry, IT cabinet, etc., and was satisfied with their discipline and as well the infrastructure. He stated that everything that is done today is the fruit of the yesterday’s work and of the endless commitment. In the end, he congratulated the directors and all of the employees, for their great job.

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