Kosovo hosts latest joint session of governments of both countries

The latest regular joint meeting between the two governments of Albania and Kosovo took place today in Prishtina, co-chaired by Prime Minister Edi Rama and Prime Minister Albin Kurti, as well as with the participation of the members of the respective cabinets.
Prime Minister Edi Rama:  Honourable Prime Minister:
Honourable members of the cabinets of both countries, 
Dear Albin,
I dropped the prepared speech in order to focus on several issues of a particular importance, in my view, and which best show tangible outcomes of a very concrete cooperation. In the meantime, I would like to cordially and wholeheartedly thank Albin and each and every one of you, but Albin in particular, by publicly saying and telling also those watching us now, be either for good or bad intentions, it is a special pleasure, though few believe it whenever I say that anytime we meet there is a full synergy and we laugh a lot. This is what matters most.
I would also like to provide some significant figures. When we launched close and intense work with the Kosovo administrations, the trade exchanges between Albania and Kosovo were valued at 160 million euros. The volume of bilateral trade exchanges surged to total of 433 million euros last year. We have already entered an area where figures take a kind of seriousness compared to the ridiculous figure of 160 million euros between the two countries some years ago.
The second issue I would like to draw attention upon is that a total of 1225 business enterprises from Kosovo operate and are currently registered in Albania and 1081 are 100% owned by Kosovo companies, whereas 145 of them  are jointly owned together with business partners in Albania.
Kosovo investments in Albania were estimated at around 9 million euros in 2017 and at around 139 million euros in 2021. I think this is a very significant figure and the last thing I would like to bring to your attention is the investment flow in the highest historical value was 16 million euros in 2018 and it has jumped to over 41 million euros in 2021. This is an extremely important indicator.
I am very glad to be here today along with representatives of the leading global company Royal Haskoning to present the feasible study on the Durres port project, which extends from Durres to Pristina, with the host port in Durres and the Dry port of Pristina, and as such it is a project of strategic importance.
In the meantime, I think this is the right place to announce that first phase of the joint team on the joint children’s reading and spelling book for beginners and the winner has been selected.
Lastly, Prime Minister, in view of the optimism that turns into enthusiasm, I would suggest that as we prepare to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Albania’s independence and the rise of the independent flag of Albania, we can hold the first joint Assembly, with both parliaments convened in one room in November.
Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti:
Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Edi Rama,
Honourable ministers and cabinet members of our two countries,
Welcome to this eighth joint meeting, which this time is being held in Prishtina.
A few days ago, we celebrated the liberation of Kosovo. I commemorate here the martyrs and fighters who came from the Republic of Albania, as well as the support and unprecedented solidarity of our brothers and sisters for the Albanian refugees from the mass deportation and ethnic cleansing against them.
Today, the cooperation between our two countries, in time of peace, must rekindle the enthusiasm it had during the war for liberation. On this occasion, I am pleased to emphasize that this cooperation has never been broader and more intensive than in the field of use of human and natural resources.
Relations between our two countries are proof that when there are no unresolved political problems, the success of relations in all other areas is guaranteed. It is also proof that cooperation, integration and sustainable development throughout the region is ensured by solving political problems at the beginning rather than the end.
I am pleased to announce that within these six months all those agreements have been implemented or are being implemented, except for one, which is expected to enter into force soon. 
We are also working on the implementation of all agreements signed in the past. Out of 127 of them, only 75 or 59 percent have been implemented without any trouble, which is very little compared to 93 percent of the implementation of the agreements signed only six months ago. All agreements that will be approved today aim to further facilitate the lives of citizens, approach and increase their cognitive and practical competence as citizens, building in the first place the common infrastructure for achieving those goals, whether physical or administrative. 
Finally, we need better harmonization and coordination of policies and actions between our two countries, both in regional issues and foreign policy.

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