MIA has distributed the first five-year residence permits

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla, has distributed the first 5-year residence permits for the citizens of the Republic of Albania.
This agreement was signed with the common will to provide a better perspective for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania, in order to simplify procedures and facilitate the lives of citizens of both countries.
Based on the bilateral international agreement with the Republic of Albania, for the facilitation of the procedures and conditions for obtaining the temporary residence permit signed on 26.11.2021, today, in the joint meeting of the two governments in Elbasan, were distributed the first five-year residence permits in the Republic of Kosovo.
With this agreement, the citizens of both countries benefit from the temporary residence permit for a period of five years (until now it was for a period of one year where the citizens had to apply every year) and have a significant relief of the criteria for obtaining a residence permit, with only one travel document and address declaration, and significant reduction of service fees.
This is another important step in the relations between the two countries towards improving the lives of citizens.

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