MPJD and MEFA successfully conclude the competition "Colours of Albanians 2022"

The photography competition "Colours of Albanians" concluded today in Prishtina with a solemn ceremony with the awarding of 10 winning prizes.
The competition that opened in Albania, on 26 November, was concluded in Kosovo today, marking Kosovo's Independence Day.
Over 5 thousand photos were part of the competition, which for the first time was a joint organization between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of Kosovo and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania.
From the 9-week period, as long as the competition was open, the professional jury selected 10 winning photos from each category.
This year, the topic of CoA was "Identity Trace", divided then into categories for topics such as: Identity Portrait and Family, Culture and Art, Style and Fashion, Religious Coexistence, Traditions, Customs, Holidays, Landscape and Tourism, Architecture - Sports and Recreation.
Likewise, a special prize has been awarded to the diaspora, for the first time.
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Mrs. Liza Gashi said that they are very happy that they are successfully completing the first project with Albania in the framework of public diplomacy.
She stressed that this is the first joint project but not the last.
"Colours of Albanians is the first joint activity but it will not be the last, because our common goal within the implementation protocol that we have with the Albanian party is to bring closer our community, but at the same time our diaspora "through video landscapes, but also through the activities of both our ministries", said Gashi.
While the deputy minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania, Megi Fino, said that this activity united the colors of the two countries.
"The language of art and culture is what has united us today in this gallery of colors, in this library, despite the fact that our countries are connected by something even bigger", stressed Deputy Minister Fino.
In his speech, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Kosovo, Hajrulla Ceku, said that this event is special, especially for the symbolism between the two countries.
The professional jury, comprised of 7 members from Kosovo and Albania, has selected 10 winning photos for each category, as follows:
Identity Portrait and Family - Enis Abdullahu
Culture and Art - Kushtrim Krasniqi
Style and Fashion - Erjon Braja
Religious coexistence - Adnan Beci
Traditions, Customs, Holidays - Ilir Agastra
Landscape and Tourism - Bleron Çaka
Flora and Fauna - Bleron Çaka
Architecture - Marko Baco
Sports and Recreation - Meriton Dajakaj
Prize of Diaspora - Fjoralba Golikja.
The 10 winning photos, professionally selected by the jury, composed of Fadil Berisha, Ilir Kaso, Arian Mavriqi, Elina Duni, Andi Deliana, Dardan Luta and Alban Nimani, comprise an even wider promotional campaign for Albania and Kosovo, which will also be concluded with a brochure containing the 100 best photos of this edition and which will be distributed to all diplomatic missions of the two countries around the world.

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