Programi i kryesisë shqiptare 2020 të OSBE-së

2020 marks the 45th anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act and the 30th anniversary of the Charter of Paris for a New Europe. These documents laid the foundation for the dialogue and cooperation through the OSCE that helped to bridge the deep rifts of the Cold War. They unite us behind the shared democratic values and principles that are vital to building trust and fostering lasting peace and stability in our region.
Albania did not join the OSCE at its outset. For our cruel dictatorship at the time, the values enshrined in the Organization’s founding documents posed a direct threat. But in the years since the fall of communism, these same values have been embedded as the cornerstones of our young, aspirational democracy.
Our modern Republic therefore has a deep affinity for the mission, achievements and work of the OSCE. As a small state that has undergone a major transition, we have drawn outsized strength and stability from being part of this values-based security community, including through the 22 years of expertise and assistance from the OSCE Presence in Albania. Now it is our turn to step up and give back to the Organization.
It is therefore a privilege to assume responsibility for the Chairmanship of the OSCE for 2020, and have an opportunity to work hard for stability, peace and democracy for over a billion people in our region. As the world’s largest regional security organization, offering all participating states an equal status in dialogue and exchange, this is best place to begin rebuilding trust
between us and sounding out solutions to our shared challenges.
These are particularly testing times for our regional security. The challenges we face continue to evolve and entwine – whether
it is military confrontation, the malign use of information and communication technology, extremism and radicalisation, or the blurred line between state and non-state activity.They are posing new tests for our governments and communities and placing new pressures on the rules-based international system that underpins our security and prosperity.
In the face of such challenges, the OSCE participating States have a political duty to protect and continue the legacy of the Helsinki Final Act, Charter of Paris for a New Europe, and subsequent OSCE commitments, for the benefit of citizens across our region. We must not look inwards, nor depart from the promotion and protection of the values that connect us.
Instead, we must embrace multilateralism with renewed vigour and resolve. A more interconnected world calls for more
international, inclusive and comprehensive solutions. We need patience and perseverance.
This programme sets out the priorities of the Albanian OSCE Chairmanship. We will focus on doing the basics well and will be guided by three key objectives:
• Making a difference on the ground;
• Implementing our commitments;
• Building stability through dialogue.
In our approach as Chair, we will be open, transparent and inclusive. We will seek to provide continuity with the work of recent
OSCE Chairmanships wherever we can, sustaining their efforts and consolidating their achievements.We are aware that there will be difficulties and complexities ahead. But we are confident that – with the perseverance of the OSCE participating States, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the Executive Structures – we can secure sustainable achievements for the common good of the OSCE area in 2020.
We all have a shared responsibility to ensure the continued success and relevance of the OSCE.
We owe it to our people.


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