“Ukraine”, USA and Albania co-penholders on the peace and security issues

Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, in a press conference spoke about the role that Albania will have in the UN Security Council, regarding the Ukraine issue.

“We have received the final confirmation from the US Department of State that USA and Albania will be co-penholders in the UN Security Council regarding the Ukraine issue. It is without any doubt a new and great responsibility, but also a confirmation of a different Albania in the international arena, of an Albania that is valued for its character, stability and ability to play a role as a country that promotes peace and security”, -said PM Rama at the press conference.

Minister Xhaçka said that all countries will cooperate closely, will share information and will be the initiators of all initiatives on this issue.

“We are aware of our capacities, but this is a matter of seriousness, preparation and ability to take responsibility. Our country takes a first-hand role in security issues through drafting together with the USA on the Ukraine issue. The first project will be drafted by our two countries and then shared with others. The co-authors are the first to speak on the issue at Security Council meetings. It is an expression of the deepening of the strategic partnership of the two countries “, said Minister Xhaçka.

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