Bushati at SEECP: Albania is meeting the conditions for opening negotiations

In the framework of his visit to Slovenia, Minister Bushati attended the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the South East European Co-operation Process.

During his speech, Minister Bushati thanked the Slovenian party for its unconditional support in the integration process of Albania and the region.

In addition, Minister Bushati underlined the three immediate risks posed to the region. “The first risk is that we loose sight of #EU accesion as a common primary objective, the second risk is that we focus on empty political cooperation without concrete deliverables for our citizens; while the third risk would be to consider that we can sacrifice rule of law and democracy on the altar of stability”, Bushati said.

Besides talks on the pace and quality of the integration process, Minister Bushati voiced “the time has come for this process to have a true timeline and deadlines”.

In the course of the Ministerial Conference, at a meeting with the EU High Representative, Federica Mogherini, Minister Bushati expressed confidence that Albania's progress in implementing the justice reform and the clear priorities of the new Albanian government in the field of integration make ground on opening negotiations for accession.

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