Defence Ministerial in Brussels, Peleshi: The Armed Forces are committed to the security of the camp in Kosovo where afghan refugees have taken shelter

The defense of NATO countries and the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq were the main topics of the first day of the meeting of the Defence Ministers of the Alliance that is taking place in Brussels, which is also attended by Defence Minister Niko Peleshi.

The Ministers discussed the strengthening and modernization of the NATO Force Structure, in order to prepare the decisions that the NATO leaders will take at the Madrid Summit on June 29-30, 2022.

Minister Peleshi emphasized the importance of political control over the entire Process of Implementation of Risk Prevention and Protection of the Euro-Atlantic area and in particular, raised the Alliance's awareness regarding the Strategic Direction of the South, with a focus on the Western Balkans.

Further, Mr. Peleshi reiterated our country's determination to implement the commitment made at the Wales Summit in 2014, which consists of reaching the level of 2% on the Defense budget and 20% of this budget in investments, by 2024.

As for Afghanistan, the ministers discussed how the Alliance's achievements could be used in the country, as well as the steps to be taken so that the country does not become again a safe haven for terrorist groups.

In his speech, Mr. Peleshi praised our country's contribution to this NATO mission in Afghanistan, emphasizing that although a small country, Albania has made great contributions there, which has been consistently praised by the political-military leadership of the Alliance.

Minister Peleshi also mentioned the current contribution that Albania is giving to help Afghan refugees. “Currently our country has accepted about 2000 Afghan citizens and the commitment of the Albanian government is to welcome about 4000 refugees. Moreover, just a few weeks ago, our Armed Forces deployed a Military Police company, which will contribute to the protection and security of the "Bechtel" camp near Ferizaj, where the Afghan refugees sheltered in Kosovo are accommodated.” , - he said.

At the end of the first day of this meeting, the ministers signed the "Letter of Intent", through which member states pledge to cooperate on the development and management of detection of chemical, biological and radiological agents, the identification of the capacities, as well as the provision of the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protective equipment.

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