"Defender Europe 21", Peleshi receives U.S. General: We are honoured to host one of the largest exercises in Europe

Deputy Commanding General of the United States Army Europe and Africa, Major General Joseph F. Jarrard met the Defence Minister Niko Peleshi to discuss the preparations undertaken ahead of the “Defender Europe 21” exercise.

After informing Major General Jarrard regarding the current situation, Minister Peleshi assured him that all the Albanian state structures are ready to help for the successful completion of “Defender Europe 21” exercise.

“The Ministry of Defense has the full and unconditional support of all structures of the Albanian state, in order to successfully complete the "Defender Europe 21" exercise. In recent months, the Albanian military personnel has been worked on identifying, monitoring, and implementing on the ground every obligation that emerges from this training. The commitment for the successful development of this exercise in our territory is not only a military and political commitment but also an important moment for the citizens of this country. Albania, as a NATO Ally, feels honored and highly valued for being entrusted with the task of hosting one of the largest US military exercises in the Balkans and Northern and Central Europe. " This exercise is not only a rare opportunity in terms of professional challenge for our Armed Forces, but it is certainly above all, an act of trust and appreciation for our country." – said Minister Peleshi.

Approximately 6000 troops and hundreds of military vehicles and equipment from the US, Albania, and other allied countries will participate in this exercise, which will take place in the main military bases of our country during the month of May this year.

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