Deputy Minister Tare at NATO Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Brussels: Albania Supports Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Afghanistan to end 20 Years of Conflict

On March 23-24, NATO Foreign Ministers held their consecutive meeting, under the chairmanship of the NATO Secretary General. This was the first meeting of Allied Ministers held with a physical presence at the Alliance headquarters since the beginning of the pandemic. Our country was represented in this important activity by the Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Agron Tare.

During the meeting, the Ministers of NATO countries addressed the main issues currently facing transatlantic security.

On the first day, discussions were focused on NATO's approach to the Middle East and North Africa and on what NATO can do more to build stability in the region.

The Allied Ministers also discussed NATO's presence in Afghanistan and the ongoing peace process, and discussed with particular interest the "NATO 2030" initiative. The discussion was focused on how NATO can continue to adapt to an environment that is rapidly changing security, with growing threats and systematic competition, major changes in the global balance of power, and growing challenges to the rules of the international order.

Allied ministers also agreed that the transatlantic relationship, embodied by NATO, remains the cornerstone of collective defense, essential to NATO's political cohesion and an essential pillar of the rule-based order.

On the second day of the meeting, NATO's Foreign Ministers were joined by NATO operational partners Finland and Sweden, as well as EU High Representative Josep Borrell for a discussion on Russia and arms control.

During the discussions, the Allied Ministers noted that Russia has increased its aggressive behavior and underlined that NATO's dual approach to Russia, combining strong prevention and defense with openness to dialogue, remains valid.

All Allies also welcomed the recent decision to extend the New Start Treaty and underlined the fact that NATO remains a unique platform for Europe and North America to consult on the future of arms control.

In his speech, the Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr.  Agron Tare, underlined among other things that Albania fully supports a comprehensive peace agreement in Afghanistan, which will end the 20-year conflict and ensure that Afghanistan is no longer a safe haven for terrorists. He underlined that the important process "NATO 2030" will lead to the strengthening of the political dimension of NATO, will better prepare the Alliance to face current and emerging security challenges, and will strengthen unity and cohesion of the Alliance.

Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Agron Tare, also underlined the destabilizing activities of the Alliance antagonistic powers in our region and stressed in this context the importance for the countries of the Western Balkans to continue on their path to Euro-Atlantic integration.

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