Minister Bushati attends OSCE informal meeting in Potsdam

On invitation of the German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati attended the OSCE Informal meeting, in Potsdam, Germany.

The OSCE Meeting in Potsdam focusing on “Dealing with common challenges” takes place at a time when security in our continent is facing numerous challenges like the crisis in and around Ukraine, problems in Transistria, the fight against terrorism and radicalism as well as the migration crises, which request the need for more dialogue and cooperation among member countries of the OSCE. The meeting addressed security issues, prevention and crisis management, the fight against terrorism and radicalization, with the view of creating a better politica and social environment in the region covered by the organization. Another important issue discussed at this meeting, was how to address and face challenges generated by large migratory flows in our continent.

In his address, Foreign Minister Bushati highlighted the commitment and Albania's contribution to strengthening peace and security in the region, Europe and beyond. Expressing gratitude for the role and contribution of Germany to our region, he said that “The German Chairmanship has already acted on the importance of connectivity, realizing how political and economic connectivity are mutually reinforcing. The Western Balkans Connectivity Agenda can serve as example for other regions, as well“. “The Berlin Process and the regional connectivity agenda have become key factors in strengthening political cooperation, building confidence and security in the Western Balkans", Minister Bushati underlined.

Highlighting the importance of regional cooperation, Minister Bushati pointed out that "At the Paris Summit we signed a joint initiative to establish a Regional Youth Cooperative Office (RYCO), aiming at building new bridges, improving trends of cooperation in our region, promoting dialogue, understanding and reconciliation". 

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