Minister Bushati opens the Economic Cooperation Day in China

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati, is paying an official visit to the People’s Republic of China at the invitation of Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi. Yesterday, at the Albanian Embassy in Beijing, the Minister opened the Economic Cooperation Forum “Albania-China, old friendship, new partnerships”, where major Chinese enterprises operating or having already expressed their interest to enter into the Albanian market, participated.

One of the main objectives of the visit of Minister Bushati in China is the promotion of Albania as a country that offers many opportunities for Chinese economic actors. Present during the meeting with Chinese businesses, was also, Mr. Nikolin Jaka the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana. This forum was an opportunity to discuss important economic transformations of our country, efforts made so far for stimulating prior sectors such as tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and energy, as well as draft legislation favorable to investments in strategic sectors.

“Although the positive developments - emphasized Minister Bushati during his speech- we are aware that economies of countries such as Albania are small market economies and face difficulties competing alone in regional and global markets. In such context, I could tell you that within a very powerful process in which are brought together six countries of the Western Balkans, otherwise known as the Berlin process, an initiative of Chancellor Merkel, today we have agreed on a map connecting the entire region and we clearly know how it looks like and how our region will be until 2020-2030 from the viewpoint of interconnectedness. Herein I refer to the central infrastructure corridors that will link the ports, airports and the main points of the economy in Western Balkan Countries” said Minister Bushati.

Further on, Minister Bushati focused on strategic projects for Albania and invited Chinese enterprises to participate, within the initiative China-Central and Eastern European countries 16+1, in projects such as the completion of the Adriatic-Ionian highway, also called "Blue Corridor", which would give an important dimension to the ring of Mediterranean tourism and the development of the railway network, projects which would help approach the distances between countries and facilitate of doing business by grouping economies into a single region.

The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana Nikolin Jaka, in his speech, he emphasized the business climate in Albania and how attractive it is to foreign investors by highlighting legal reforms, regulatory and fiscal policies undertaken by the government in this regard. He pointed to the law on strategic investments, fiscal reforms and lower tariffs for businesses, as well as legal stability, which brings confidence among investors.

In conclusion of the meeting, in the premises of the Albania Embassy in Beijing was opened the photographic exhibition “#ColoursofAlbania arrives in Beijing” as a very good opportunity to promote the natural beauty, traditions, colors and tourism opportunities that Albania offers.

During the first day of his visit to China, Foreign Minister Bushati held a visit to Tianjin, one of the metropolitan cities on the northern coast of China and one of 5 national central cities of its where he met with senior authorities of the local government. During a conversation with the deputy City Mayor Zhao Haishan, the Minister exchanged views on how to further intensify cooperation at local level between the two countries, highlighting the importance and added value which twinning have in this regard.

In this context, Minister Bushati and official accompanying delegation also visited the Development Zone of Tianjin Hi-Tech. 

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