NATO Summit in Warsaw holds proceedings

Foreign Affairs Minister Ditmir Bushati attended the Summit of Heads of State and Government of NATO member countries, held in Warsaw, from 8 to 9 July.

Our delegation at the summit, in the capacity of an ally, was headed by Prime Minister Rama, accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs Bushati and Minister of Defence Kodheli.

At a political level, this summit is of special importance to the Alliance, for it comes at a critical moment of facing serious challenges to Euro-Atlantic security from the East and South.

From a strategic perspective, the Warsaw Summit focused on the immediate importance of addressing the strengthening of collective defence and deterrence, as well as projecting stability in the Euro-Atlantic space and around it.

In their first meeting, the Heads of State and governments of allied countries addressed NATO deterrence and defence against threats and security challenges facing the alliance. At this meeting, discussions dwelt on the implementation of decisions of the Alliance's previous summit in Wales, which committed to strengthening NATO collective defence since the Cold War. Recognizing the need for more deterrence and prevention in the East, NATO member countries agreed to further expand the military presence of the Alliance in the eastern part through the deployment of four multinational battalions in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. This decision represents a significant contribution to collective defence and security of the Alliance's countries and at the same time, a clear sign of determination within the commitment to collective defence.

In his speech at the Summit, Prime Minister Rama stated that: "Albania is fully engaged to meeting all its commitments and budgetary obligations as a NATO member, as it stands firmly next to the Alliance in its mission's fulfillment”.​

At their working dinner, NATO Heads of State and Governments addressed ways to design stability mainly in the East, with particular focus on the NATO-Russia cooperation.

Furthermore, allied countries discussed the Alliance's cooperation with partner countries in Europe, the Baltic and the Black Sea, as well as in the Western Balkan region, as well as opportunities to boost cooperation in order to face security challenges.

Foreign ministers of allied countries held a meeting with Georgia, in the context of the NATO-Georgia Commission. At this meeting, the allied Ministers of Foreign Affairs put the emphasis on addressing regional security issues and discussed the general framework of the NATO-Georgia relationship, including the inherent implementation of the NATO package for Georgia. They underlined that this package aims at  further strengthening the defensive capabilities of this important NATO partner country. Moreover, Minister Bushati stated that: "Albania supports Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the reforms undertaken by the Georgian government in view of the Euro-Atlantic integration of the country".

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