Republic of Albania stands in solidarity with Macedonia on emergency situation and provides financial assistance

During a press conference delivered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FM Ditmir Bushati expressed concern on the critical floods’ situation in the area of ​​Skopje and Tetovo, resulting in serious consequences and loss of lives. He conveyed his heartfelt condolences for the lives lost, informed on the close follow-up of this grave humanitarian situation and communication with senior officials of the central and local government to get informed about the situation and exigencies on the ground.

As a sign of solidarity with the people and government of Macedonia, as well as with families who lost their loved ones, Minister Bushati announced the Albanian government's decision to allocate a fund of 100 thousand euros for the alleviation of the damage caused and return of the lives of neighbors and fellow Macedonians living in Skopje and Tetovo to normality.

He assured to closely follow any developments and expressed readiness to provide any other assistance that our neighbors might need to overcome this situation. "In the coming hours, we will continue our intensive contacts with Macedonian authorities to get a thorough assessment of the damages, as well as modalities to make the allocated fund effective," Minister Bushati noted. 

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