Sheltering of Afghans in need, US Secretary of State letter to Minister Xhaçka: Grateful for the contribution, looking forward to continue the strategic partnership

U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken in a letter sent to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka expressed gratefulness for the contribution given by Albania in offering shelter to the Afghan citizens in the past two months.

“ On behalf of the Department of State, I wish to express gratitude to the Republic of Albania for being the first country to offer safe haven to afghans at risk and for the generosity and courage your people have shown throughout NATO`s operations in Afghanistan. I especial commend you for your powerful intervention at the August 20 virtual Foreign Ministers Ministerial”, highlights Mr. Blinken in his letter. 
Secretary of State mention that by such acts, Albania has demonstrated once again its strong commitment to the NATO Alliance while expressing the appreciation for Albania`s contribution in all NATO`s operations in Afghanistan, with around 4000 troops of the Armed Forces being deployed.

“Albania`s investments in security and prosperity for the Afghan people greatly helped advance our shared goals. Albania`s service members helped create a stable and secure environment for our forces and for the Afghan people. Their presence allowed the NATO alliance to conduct operations, enabled young women to attend school, and made daily life safer for many in Afghanistan. The United States deeply values our close relationship with Albania and looks forward to continuing this strategic partnership to advance our shared interests”, writes Antony Blinken in his letter.

The letter from the Secretary Blinken was handed to Minister Xhaçka by the US Ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim.

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