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The Luso-Illyrian Institute for Human Development initials “i.LIDH” (meaning “unite, link, bind”) reflect the original and ever-present idea of bonding the two European cultures and the two countries that preserve the most this European heritage – Portugal and Albania. iLIDH was founded by Portuguese citizens with very different European origins, but mainly from two European regions – South East and South West Europe. Therefore, the Lusitanian and Illyrian historical references were included in its denomination.
iLIDH is a collective association of private law, non for profit, founded in 2007, in Mafra. In 2011 established an official representation in Prague (Czech Republic) and an office in Brussels (Belgium). In 2012, with the support of the Ambassador of Albania Republic, Dr. Edmond Trako, established an official representation in Tirana (Albania), having assigned in the same year, a protocol of cooperation, in the areas of common interest, with the Center of Albanology Studies, as a representative of the Education and Science Ministry, in Albania. iLIDH attempts to intervene in a wide range of action and in the dimensions that, has more impact in the social welfare of people and society. Thus, its identity refers to one of the most consensual concepts in measuring the contemporary society’s socio-economic development – the Human Development.

The mission of iLIDH is to research, implement and promote actions of scientific, technical, educational, cultural, sports and business character, in various fields that promote the cooperation and development within a framework of universal values, that transcend ideological, religious, cultural and politic boundaries, such as responsibility, integrity, respect, compassion and service to the common good.

The iLIDH vision is to contribute for the personal and social well-being of individuals and civilizational progress, through the promotion and development of twenty-first century skills, the personal, social and civic skills, founded on global ethics.
iLIDH has intervened in several areas, namely, the Education, Culture, Cooperation, Development, Management and Organizational Learning.

In January, 2010, iLIDH launched the Program of Social Literacy, LED on Values directed to the educative community, since students from kindergarten to secondary school, parents and guardians, teachers and school leaders. The objectives of the Programme are:
 Revaluing school as a social learning space, inclusive of school leaders, teachers, assistants, students, families and other community actors;
 Promote a culture of character, values and citizenship in the territories where it is implemented through a local program of Values Education in the school community;
 Introduce a program that trains, monitors and evaluates personal, social and civic competences;
 Train educators based on a reference framework of Values Education Competences
 Measure LED impact on the competences acquisition; pro-social behavior; academic performance beneficiaries.

LED Programme is being implemented in more than 500 Portuguese schools being currently in a process of international expansion.
In 2011, iLIDH signed a Protocol for revitalization of an important cultural heritage through the reconstruction of the Ponte de Lima Marquis Palace, in Mafra. This Palace will host the Values University, a space of culture and leisure, where learning, reflection about the relation between Man and World, the human relations, the interaction with the Nature and the purposes of Humanity will be promoted. It’s composed of research, learning, awareness and training spaces, developing activities integrated in a transdiciplinary space, which combines, culture, education, environment, spirituality, technology, sports and leisure.

In June, of the same year, iLIDH started the rehabilitation works of the Palace and its gardens to return them to their splendor of other times and reintegrate the Palace in its spacious and famous gardens, immortalized by European literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, today the Municipality Sports Park of Mafra.

Between October 2011 and January 2014, iLIDH coordinated the DAVID project, which aimed to increase the interest and support, among different social actors – policy makers, researchers, teachers, organizations of the civil society – most of them from the European countries, about the issues related to the Civic Education, for the Citizenship and values (Social Literacy). The project goal was to design and test a system for interventions review (projects, programs, initiatives, studies, etc.) in Social Literacy in 37 European countries, in order to establish a pan-European interventions data-base – revises and non-revised – Data-Base and Review System on Social Literacy.
The project was developed in partnership with the Portuguese Catholic University, Aalborg University (Denmark), Menon Network (Belgium), Maltese Mentoring Society (Malta), Democracy and Development (Albania), Charles University e iLIDH-CZ (Czech Republic).

Under DAVID project, was organized on January 16th, 2014, the International Conference on Social Literacy, 
where its promoters intended to put into debate with the scientific community and public policy agents, a broader vision of literacy, in a perspective that considers the full competence for the essential social goal – the individual wellbeing and social prosperity, in other words, human development.

The conference brought to debate a wide range of empirical evidence pointing to the urgent need of Social Literacy and presented proposals to provide constant inspiration for practitioners and solid evidence for decision makers, as they proceed in their efforts implementing holistic educational and training models aimed to the whole person.

The Conference included the participation of individuals and organizations from more than 15 countries, as well as prominent individuals, representatives of governments and royal families of Europe, such as the Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, UNESCO Special Envoy on Literacy for Development, the Vice- Minister of European Integration of Albania and the European Commission, School Education Head of Unit.

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