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For any information regarding visas, please contact the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania:
Biometric passports
At the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Brazil, the procedure for the provision of Albanian citizens with biometric passports and identity cards can not be carried out. Albanian citizens can apply in Albania or in some other representations.
Passing Permissions (Laissez-passer)
To apply online click:
The consular service of the Embassy of Albania in Brazil issues Consular Leaflet for Albanian citizens who reside or are temporarily residing in the territory of Brazil and South American countries to travel to Albania who are not equipped with a passport or have lost or have its deadline expired. The passing permission is only valid for returning to Albania and not for traveling to other countries. Its maximum validity is 6 months. In order to obtain it, the person concerned must submit to the consular service an identity document, two identity photos, a denunciation to the police of these countries in case of loss as well as data on the place of residence in Albania.
For the issuance of a transfer permit for minors, the above documents must be accompanied by a statement signed by both parents (or, in case of divorce etc, by the parent who carries the child), where they agreed to issue a pass permit for their child. (Fee: 30 Euros)
 Acknowledgments and notarial acts
To apply online click on the special bills: http://punetejashtme.gov.al/aplikim-per-prokure-te-posacme/
To apply online for notary declarations:
At the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Brazil, only simple certificates are drafted, such as those for authorizing the withdrawal of civil status documents, retirement and marriage proclamation. For all other certificates, the person concerned should contact a Brazilian notary or the country where he / she is located. Before submitting the documents to Albania, they must be provided with the Apostille seal in the Certified Notaries (Cartorios) in Brazil or in special institutions by Latin American countries.
The Embassy consular service also drafts various notarial declarations, such as for children's travel, vehicle use, etc. (Fee: 20 Euros)
For more information please contact our e-mail address:embassy.brasilia@mfa.gov.al
Albanian citizens wishing to marry in Brazil and other countries in the region with non-Albanian citizens must complete the marriage proclamation in Albania and obtain a Certificate of Marriage Relationship (Certidão para Contrair Casamento in Brazil or Acta de Matrimonio in other countries. This certification, together with the Certification of Judicial State and the Certificate of Birth, must be endowed with the Apostille seal by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania (service carried out by Albanian post). Prior to the announcement of the marriage the documents of the future spouse are to be sent to Albania such as: the act of birth of the foreign citizen, a certificate that he/she is not married and a residence certificate. The three documents must be legalized with the seal Apostille of the country whose citizen he /she is.
To obtain a certificate of marriage and personal relationship with the Albanian civil status office, an Albanian citizen may make a note authorizing a person in Albania to carry out the above procedures.
Registration of acts in the Civil Status Office in Albania
In order for a birth, marriage, or death certificate of an Albanian citizen residing in Brazil and other countries in the region to be registered in the Albanian state, must be endowed first with the Apostille stamp, which is taken at certain notary offices
(Cartorios) or in relevant institutions by respective country. Thereafter, this act may be translated into Albanian language at a translation and notary office in Albania and deposited to the relevant register’s office for registration.
Following the accession of the Republic of Albania to the Hague Convention on 9 May 2004, legalization of official documents is done in accordance with this convention. Thus, the embassy consular service does not carry out legalization of documents. The Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is the only institution competent to carry out the legalization of documents issued by Albanian institutions, placing the Apostille stamp on the document. In this way, the document becomes valid for use by the Brazilian administration and other countries. Conversely, documents issued in other countries are apostolate for use by Albanian institutions.
At the request of Albanian citizens or Brazilian administration or other US states, the embassy consular service may issue certificates of various nature, as evidence of nationality, consular certificate, identity, etc., always based on valid official documents. (Fee: 30 euro.)
In the event of deaths, relatives or family of a dead citizen in Brazil or in the surrounding countries, notify the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Brazil and until the transport of the body to the homeland, keep in constant contact with the Embassy.
To carry out the procedures for returning the body to Albania, a funeral agency should be contacted, which will carry out the necessary procedures, including the issuance of necessary documents at the local administration, and contact the Albanian Embassy in Brazil for their completion on the departure of the body to Albania.
The Death Act document (Certidão de Óbito - pt.) Or (Acta de Defunción - sp.) Must be filed for unsubscribing of the deceased citizen from the civil registry in Albania.
The Albanian state undertakes, with its financial means, the transport of dead citizens only for:
- Persons who are sent to healthcare or health care by the state.
- Employees of diplomatic missions.
Consular actions by post
In addition to passing permits for minors and notarial acts, other actions can be performed through postal service.
The request sent by mail should contain:
- A written request for the service you are requesting, including your address and your phone number
- Supporting documents for the requested service (passport or different certificates)
- Proof of payment for service (bank certificate)
- An empty envelope with stamp and your address written on the envelope
Payments for consular actions
All payments for consular actions must be made through the bank in the embassy's bank account (Exclusive payment in Euro):
Embaixada da Albania: BR 37 6890 0810 0000 3211 3200 003C 1
Number of Accounts: 144539
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E-mail: embassy.brasilia@mfa.gov.al
Public Reception Timetables: Monday - Friday: 09:30 - 14:00.
The consular service is closed on official and weekend holidays, except for urgent cases.

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