Bilateral Relations

Bilateral relations Albania-Slovenia

Political cooperation

Diplomatic relations between Albania and Slovenia have been established on 9 March 1992. Albania's relations with Slovenia are very good, stable and without any open issues. Between the parties has been developed an constructive political dialogue, in the framework of bilateral relations, as well as on the region and beyond. Exchange of bilateral visits of high-level, meetings within the framework of international organizations and multilateral forums, have provided qualitative content of bilateral relations, creating a collaborative environment even more intense in many areas.

Slovenia supported Albania's membership in NATO. Slovenia is a friend and important partner in the process of European integration. She is an advocate of EU enlargement to the Western Balkans. Slovenia has offered to Albania without conditioned support at all stages of the integration process, as for the status of a candidate country, as well as for the opening of accession negotiations to the European Union.

The legal framework

Legal framework that regulates relations between Albania and Slovenia is broad and expansive in many areas. There are over 30 agreements and protocols of bilateral cooperation, covering areas such as foreign affairs, economy and trade, transportation, education, science, culture, tourism, health, finance, security, etc. Meanwhile, several other bilateral agreements are in the process of negotiation.

The economic cooperation

Promotion of economic cooperation and trade exchanges are a priority for both countries. Although there is a political will expressed by both sides, as well as there are real potentials, still it is not reached all facilities and opportunities that this cooperation grow inherently of trade exchanges and investment. The 2nd Session of the Joint Economic Committee, held in Ljubljana on 16-17 June 2014, defined the areas of bilateral cooperation in economic and other fields.

For this purpose there have been developed encouraging activities such as: the organization of the Day of Culture and Tourism of Albania in Ljubljana in April 2015; the organization in Ljubljana of the round table dedicated to cooperation "Albania and Slovenia" in March 2016; contacts and meetings with Slovenian companies interested to enter into the Albanian market; using the effective Slovenian development projects in Albania; signature of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the two national investment agencies, AIDA Albania and SPIRIT-Slovenia; coming soon the creation of Joint Business Council Slovenia-Albania; the organization in Ljubljana, of the roundtable with operators of Slovenian tourism agency on "Albania as a tourist destination", etc.

Cultural exchanges

Promotion of the image of Albania is a priority of the work of the Albanian Embassy. Albanian painting and sculpture exhibitions, photo exhibition of the nature and Albanian tourism, presentation of Albania through Slovenian radio and television programs, scientific symposium dedicated to early connections between Albania and Slovenia, presentation of the Albanian films to the Slovenian public, etc., have brought closer the two peoples and two countries. At the same time these activities have served as an incentive for deepening of cooperation between Albania and Slovenia also in other areas.

Albanian diaspora

Presence of Albanians in Slovenia is almost 90-year lifespan. Albanian Diaspora in Slovenia is mainly a result of movements of the Albanians within the former Yugoslavia. Nearly 10 thousand Albanians are leaving in Slovenia, have come mainly from Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. A limited number of Albanians from Albania is set in Slovenia after 90s of last century. Some of the objectives of the Embassy of Albania are  for the Albanian diaspora have been focused on  integration in Slovenian society, improving the status of the Albanian community in Slovenia, opening and functioning of schools with additional classes in Albanian language, preservation of culture, traditions and Albanian identity, etc. Albanians of Slovenia represent a bridge of friendship between Albanian and Slovenian people.

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