Albania participates in the International Francophonie Festival "Soleil"

For the second consecutive year, Albania participated in the 11th edition of the International Francophonie Festival "Soleil", which takes place in the coastal city of Sozopol on May 31 - June 8. The Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Sofia was presented with the exhibition "Feel Albania". Part of the Festival were 5 students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Erlind Fusha, Erald Neza, Emi Behari, Merisa Hasrama and Besiana Menalla and guitarist from Kosovo, Rron Pllana.
This year, Ambassador Donika Hoxha held the post of Honorary Director of the Festival, an appreciation for her work and dedication to promoting and representing Albania in the best possible way.
The official opening of the Festival took place on June 3, and in her welcoming speech, Ambassador Hoxha thanked the organizers for their contribution to the unification of different cultures and for the evaluation of the work in the most dignified representation of Albania. Ambassador Hoxha stressed that such activities are a very good promotion platform for all and Albania can not be absent in such activities. She also mentioned the presence of 5 painting students, who are in Sozopol since June 31st.
Meanwhile, on June 4, the exhibition "Feel Albania" was opened at the Archaeological Museum, accompanied by a concert with guitarist Pllana and a quartet from Bulgaria. At the opening of the exhibition, Ambassador Hoxha greeted the guests, whom she invited to a virtual tour in Albania, highlighting the best impressions written by European media about our country as a tourist destination.
The opening of the painters' exhibition took place on June 7, where 10 paintings by Albanian students were displayed.

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