Ambassador for a Day: Women empowerment: women in high managerial positions

In the framework of the third participation in the initiative "Ambassador for one day", the Albanian Embassy in Sofia organized the activity "Empowerment of women, women in high managerial positions". The activity was focused on women in high managerial positions, the challenges they face and the ways to support young girls and women towards achieving success. Part of this activity were the representatives of Ladies`Forum in Bulgaria, the Ambassador of Georgia Tamara Liluashvili and the two winners of this year, Martina Dimitrova for Albania and Ivana Ivanova for Georgia.
During the meeting was pointed out that in Bulgaria, women are in leading position and that there is a positive trend in the world, taking as an example New Zealand and Finland. Also, was highlighted that the number of female ambassadors in Bulgaria has increased in recent years and that there is an improvement in the situation of women's empowerment in the region, which is an indicator of national policies.
Representatives of Ladies` Forum shared their own success stories and the difficulties encountered immediately after graduation and the impossibilities in finding a job. But, after many years of work and a lot of dedication, they have managed to be successful and be in senior management positions in various fields such as: telecommunications, real estate agencies, the world of media and information, etc. They underlined the need not to give up and to continue with the efforts and pursue the dreams, as in this way you can achieve success.
This year’s two winners had the opportunity to hear success stories and difficulties encountered over the years by successful women and exchange views on workplace issues for women. Martina and Ivana aspire to be diplomats in the future and we wish them to be part of Bulgarian diplomacy very soon.
More about Ladies` Forum can be found at the link:

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