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Looking for a business partner in Albania? The following Albanian companies are ready for a close cooperation with you.
Atelier Haliliis a small manufactory in Albania, in which all the employees are women. The atelier produce:

  • traditional costumes and socks with cotton pieces and soft cloth;
  • party/cocktail dresses, that have a material of tulle, seta or teminen, depends on the model;
  • casual dresses, formal and sport costumes;
  • coats with cashmere material;
  • doily all handmade.

For more information you can contact directly the owner, Mrs. Kozeta Halili with 20 years of experience in this field and has received the title "Master" from the National Chamber of Crafts, on her e-mail address or by Whatsapp on phone no. +355 692700589.
Winery Bejkohas been operating for 22 years and in the recent years and has increased capacity and modernization in technology. The owners of the winery cooperate with most of the farmers in the area and produce several types of wines:

  • White debine is the autochthonous grape variety which origin is Permet. The winery was awarded with a first prize at the Albanian Summer Festival in 2016, with its white Debine wine.
  • Kallmeti is an autochthonous grape variety which origin is in northern Albania. This winery offers wine with grapes Kallmet, got in Delvina.
  • Merlot 2017 is a grape variety which origin is France but in Albania, and exactly in Permet its cultivation has been adapted as best as possible for more than 50 years. This variety occupies the largest share for red wines.

For more information, you can contact with Mr. Marsel Bejko, through his e-mail address and his phone number +355 685205107.
Bleta Shafranis a small farm near Tirana, which produce saffron according to the organic standards of EU. For the second consecutive year, Bleta Shafran is certified as organic.
This year, Bleta Shafran sells only saffron in pistils and the packages are in two formats of 1 gram and 0.5 gram.
Next year, Bleta Shafran will have other medicinal plants, always organically produced.
For more detailed information, you can contact directly with Mr. Blerta Feka, the Administrator of Bleta Shafran through her e-mail address: or by her contact number +355 692065921.
Borshi olive oil - to make your recipes healthy, you should order Extra Virgin Olive Oil Borshi. The olive oil is made of premium quality fresh olives and a perfect condiment to prepare vegetable salad and other mouthwatering recipes. Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamins and minerals, it protects your heart from diseases and maintains proper body weight. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Borshi is full of antioxidants.
For more information, you can contact directly with Mr. Ylli Saraci, the Administrator of “Borshi oil”, through his e-mail address product is a 100% pure product, carefully selected, high quality and also gives you a full guarantee. The products are collexted from nature according to the time of production of the product, and at its full maturity.
For more information or details regarding the products with interest for the Albanian company to export towards the Bulgarian market, you can visit the official website of the company and also contact with Mr. Orbelin Milo, Administrator of through his e-mail address:
FABA Canteen- The establishment of FABA canteen dates back to the early 1990s. Today the perfection of Faba Canteen goes through the investment of the latest technology of wine production. Long-term investments in the technology of maceration and fermentation of grape juice has been made in the canteen.
Aging in oak barrels of red wines of the best years, has made it possible to create a high quality  range.

  • Faba Canteen counts 9 wine labels and 3 brandy/raki labels.
  • The cultivars that compose today "Faba wine " are Black Field, Cabernet Suvignon, Merlot,
  • San Giovese, Chardonny, Risling and Vlosh
  • Faba has 20 ha of vineyards, most of which is dominated by Cabernets Sauvignon, Merlot
  • and San Giovese.
  • The annual production of the Canteen goes up to 1500 kv while the production capacity is
  • 3000 kv.

There is a considerable amount of 0.75 L bottles in the canteen for aging in the cellar of the FABA canteen, where the reserves are included.
For more details, you can visit the official webpage of the Canteen and also can contact directly with Mr. Altin Driza, the Administrator of Faba Canteen at his e-mail address:
Kallmeti Winerywas established in 2006 thanks to the Gjini brothers’ passion for wine and their love for the land where they live, in the heart of their birthplace, Kallmet, after which the grape was named. The main purpose of the winery is to produce the best Kallmet  wine, to increase the quantity and improve the quality year after year. From a production of 50 hl of wine in 2007, the winery has grown year after year. Wine is produced entirely from Kallmet grape, cultivated in its area of origin, in Kallmet and the surrounding villages.
Part of it is cultivated in the hills of the wonderful Bukmira hills over 500 m above sea level. Kallmet is known as an area with an early tradition of grape cultivation. Besides grapes, there are two other products with designation "Kallmet": olive and beans.
Kallmet Wine is distinguished among the Albanian wines and therefore has also received awards in national competitions. The winery produces three varieties of Kallmet wine: Kallmet Red Wine (basic version); Kallmet White Wine, and Kallmet Prestige.
In the next page, you can find a list of prices for each product of this winery. For more detailed information, you can visit the official website of the winery “Kallmet”: and also can get in contact with Mr. Gjoke Gjini, one of the owners of this winery, through his e-mail addresses:;;
Kastrioti - The products of the company “Kastrioti” are mainly based on honey such as honey vinegar, honey brandy, honey liqueur. Honey is from various flowers mainly from clover, lofata, thyme, hornbeam and oak, and the  ield is located in an area of 670 meters, in a height clean from pollution and pesticides.

  • Honey
  • Honey vinegar: the ingredients are honey, wax and water. This product has nutritional and curative value.
  • Honey brandy: Authentic Albanian drink since ancient times, made from ingredients such as grape brandy and honey boiled together.
  • Honey liqueur: Grape brandy with honey, in which the percentage of honey is about 50%
  • Currently, the company is making its attempts to create honey wine, till now the ingredients are only water and honey.

The products are highly liked and appreciated from the consumers and tourists.
For more information and details, you can contact directly with Mr. Kastriot Sterjo, the owner of “Kastrioti”, through his e-mail address:
Lunxheria- The main product of Lunxhëria is trahana. Trahana is a dried food ingredient, based on a fermented mixture of grain and yoghurt or fermented milk, found in the cuisines of Southeast Europe and the Middle East. Dry trahana has a texture of crumbs, and it is usually made into a thick soup with water, stock, or milk. Trahana is made with either semolina, cracked wheat, or flour. Trahana Lunxhëria is a traditional food vastly used in Lunxhëria but also in other places. Trahana lunxhëria is recommended as the clearest and most popular and product, which actually at the meantime is a light product and easy in preparation. The products of Lunxheria are:

  • Trahana 230 gram and 450 gram;
  • Sweet trahana 500 gram;
  • Powdered sugar 250 gram;
  • Rice flour 250 gram;
  • Rosnica Lunxheria (small pieces of dough, fried in oil or butter until brown) 500gram.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the company: and also can contact with Mr. Kico Noti, the owner of “Lunxheria” at his e-mail address:
Sejega Food Processingwas established in 1994 and has 2 main production lines: salads & dressings such as Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard, BBQ, Chicken BBQ, Hamburger Sauce, etc., as  well as salads, based on Mayonnaise such as Russian Salad, Xaxiqi, etc. Sejega products are exported to several EU countries such as Hungary, Germany, Macedonia, Switzerland, USA, Canada, West Africa etc. Sejega have been certified with several ISO certificates for years.
For more detailed information, you can visit the official website of the company and also can contact with Mr. Genci Mita, General Manager, through his e-mail addresses:;
Olive oil “Suli”is a premium extra virgin oil and 100% organic. Produced using only century-old
olives of “Kalinjot” variety from Himara.
The company offers three types of packaging of Olive oil “Suli”, as above:

  • 3 L aluminum box;
  • 500 ml glass bottle;
  • 250 ml glass bottle.

The packages chosen are the practical aluminum box and the special glass bottle. The dark glass bottle protects olive oil from any exposure to light and in addition, preserves all the properties and benefits of the product.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Suli” has the highest quality among other olive oils, because the olives used to produce this oil are without defects and are collected before their maximum maturity. "Kalinjot" olive variety used is an endemic variety that grows on the southern Riviera of Albania. It has a special taste and aroma.
To maximize its freshness, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by cold pressing, as avoiding heat is one of the best ways to store polyphenols and other antioxidants in the olive oil.
For more information, you can visit the official website of the company: contact with the company through the e-mail address:

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