Deklaratë kombëtare në dialog me Përfaqësuesen e Posaçme të Sekretarit të Përgjithshëm të OKB për dhunën ndaj fëmijëve

HRC52 – Item 3: Interactive dialogue with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on violence against children
Geneva, 16 March 2023
National statement
delivered by
Ms. Amanda Vrana
First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Albania in Geneva
Thank you, Mr. President,
Madame Special Representative, thank you for your latest report on violence against children.
Conflicts around the world have a devastating impact on children's rights, with millions of children displaced and deprived of access to basic resources. Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in society, and it's critical that we prioritize their protection.
We welcome the vision of the Special Representative to promote a meaningful participation of children as key stakeholders in all matters concerning their safety and well-being. In Albania, the National Agenda for the Rights of the Child (2021-2026) was drafted in consultation with children. The Agenda represents an important step in realizing national and international commitments in the field of child rights. It addresses at the same time the most significant challenges in achieving results for children, including those created due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The protection of children in the digital environment, the focus of the report, is also one of our areas of priority. Albania’s commitment to keeping children safe in every environment is reflected also in the five-year National Cybersecurity Strategy (2020 – 2025), which includes a dedicated chapter on children’s online protection. It aims, inter alia, to develop mechanisms required for child safety in cyberspace, to prevent child online sexual abuse through awareness-raising and the creation of a safe online browsing space, while also preparing the younger generation to benefit from the advantages of technology and overcome development challenges.
To conclude, let me reassure you Madame Special Representative of Albania’s full support for the mandate.
I thank you.


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