Albania's presentation at Dokkyo University

On the 16th of December, the Embassy of the Republic of Albania organized a presentation about Albania at Dokkyo University in Tokyo.

The presentation bearing the title “Welcome to Albania” was organized in one of the oldest auditoriums in Dokkyo University with a history of 130 years and is known as one of the pioneers in the fields of ecology and nature friendly applications of energy. About 200 students with fields ranging from tourism, economy and politics participated in the event. The presentation was led by professor Yamane and master’s student for tourism Mr. Kakeru Hiroda, who has visited Albania this October and prepared a short speech for the attendants in order to promote tourism in Albania. Later on in the presentation we were able to contact through skype Mr. Ergys Luga who is on the last year of his master’s degree for German linguistics. Through him the auditorium was able to experience Tirana city hall’s end of the year decoration. Later on, interesting questions and answers were exchanged regarding Albania.

As part of this presentation, Ambassador Bujar Dida organized meetings with the President of Dokkyo University and professor in the faculty of economy Mr. Inui Tadashi and professor Kazuma Yamane who is also a non-fiction writer (author of “The adventures of Hayabusa” which had a movie based on the actual facts regarding the Japanese probe Hayabusa who retrieved samples from Mars), as well as other professors and Students inside Dokkyo University.

The presentation of Albania to the university and its students introduced the very first means of cooperation between universities.

The embassy and Dokkyo University will stay in touch for further collaborations in the future.

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