Xhaçka at the NATO Ministerial: The Western Balkans, a concrete example of multilateral engagement

Preceding the NATO Foreign Ministers' meeting in Latvia this year, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, participated in the forum entitled "NATO Perspective towards 2030 and beyond”.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg were also part of the Ministerial.
Minister Xhaçka emphasized that the Strategic Concept of 2022, with a focus on unity, solidarity and common values, is the only solution to the ongoing hybrid threats that the world is facing.
In this regard, Minister Xhaçka described the Western Balkans as one of the great success stories of NATO and multilateral engagement.
“In terms of taking back the initiative and denying space and vacuum to rivals, the Western Balkans are low hanging fruit. All it would take is a committed, strong and resolute involvement to solve the remaining disputes and include the Western Balkans in NATO’s strategy. What role can the Alliance play in such areas? The Western Balkans are the perfect example where the security threats were addressed not only through military intervention, but through a holistic combination of hard and soft power, as well as a commitment for the long term” said the Minister
At the end of her speech, Minister Xhaçka emphasized that investing in Public Diplomacy and Communication is as essential to NATO's success as investing in new technology and weaponry. 
Minister Xhaçka visit to Latvia comes after her participation in the Sixth Forum of the Mediterranean Union held in Barcelona.
Meanwhile, on December 1 and 3, the Albanian Chief diplomat will travel to Sweden, where the 28th Ministerial of the OSCE Council will be held.

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