Albania - France strategic partnership signed in Paris

At the end of the visit of Prime Minister Rama in Paris, the two governments have signed a series of agreements which establish the framework of bilateral cooperation between Albania and France at a strategic level.

The Prime Minister was accompanied on this visit by Minister Bushati. During conversations with the French authorities parties were able to confirm the special relationship between Albania and France as well as the importance of long-term cooperation between the two countries in the field of rule of law, protection and security, bilateral, regional and other wider fields as well.

At a special meeting with French counterpart Cazeneuve, Prime Minister Rama extended the Albanian Government’s gratitude for the support of France in the European integration process of our country as well as for the added attention and commitment of France to the processes and regional projects progress.

Prime Minister Cazeneuve praised Albania’s growth and the progress of reforms in the field of rule of law, the successful efforts in the fight against corruption and organized crime. The French Prime Minister also thanked the Albanian side for the cooperation with French authorities in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

Interlocutors singled out the triple importance of the implementation of the judicial reform as a necessary reform to increase the reliability of the judicial institutions, as well as its impact in the security field and the strengthening of the rule of law in the economy. The French party also underscored Albania’s special role in the democratic stability in the region.

At the end of the meeting, in the presence of both Prime Ministers, the Minister of Foreign Ditmir Bushati and French Ministers Fekl, Desir and Todeschini signed a strategic partnership statement between the two countries as well as the agreements for cooperation in the defense and security field.

In the framework of this visit, Minister Bushati had e special meeting with the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Harlem Desir. Interlocutors highlighted the progress of the state-consolidating reforms in Albania, the common challenges that our region shares with the member countries of the European Union as well as Albania’s key role in the democratic stability and the region’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

The strategic partnership statement between Albania and France constitutes the most important document signed between the two countries. This document provides a long-term basis of strengthened and preferential cooperation on a wide range of issues, starting from the European integration of our country, the rule of law in the economy, cooperation in the security field and the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, continuing with the development of cooperation in the strategic sectors of our economy, such as the energy sector.

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