Bilateral Relations

Bilateral Relations between the Republic of Albania and the Slovak Republic

Republic of Albania and the Slovak Republic have shared joint efforts, for freedom and dignity and the protection of the values of modern civilization. Diplomatic relations were established in 1945, soon after the end of World War II in the context of relations with Czechoslovakia. As two separate states later settled, relations with the Slovak Republic were conducted only January 4-th, 1993.

After the period of the fall of the Iron Curtain, relations between the two countries have had a new impetus in view of the new international order. Both countries looked towards democratization and economic development of an open and free economy based on the values of the free market. The cooperation between the two countries increased not only in bilateral but also multilateral in the international arena.

After the 90-ties, bilateral relations have progressed clearly, and some agreements were signed between the two countries, especially in areas of mutual economic cooperation. As far as political relations are concerned, Albania has received support from Slovak Republic in multilateral diplomacy; the support given to Atlantic integration process. Also the Slovak Republic has always supported Albanian aspiration to join the EU.

Slovakia has fully supported Albania towards its European Integration Process. In the bilateral level several important visits were conducted in both countries. Support Slovakia became apparent in the integration processes especially towards the necessary reforms that Albania has taken in recent years and in the process of European Integration.

The support of Slovakia and the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Lajçak on the status of candidate June this year and the whole process of EU Integration marks a clear commitment of the good and friendly relations between the two countries. Recently Slovak Republic has given its assistance to WBF (Western Balkan Fund) and its Secretariat established in Tirana, following the successful model of the International Visegrad Fund.

Slovak Republic is among five EU countries that have not recognized Kosovo, although some positive steps have been taken such as the recognition of Kosovo documents, its participation in various international activities etc.

Last official visits

On January 24th, 2014 Prime Minister Robert Fico visited Tirana. This would be considered as a historic visit since that is the first official visit of a Slovak Prime Minister in Albania.

On the 3rd of April 2014 Minister Ahmetaj paid a visit to Slovak Republic and met with his counterpart. The visit was considered very important as it re-established the legal framework for the continuation and fostering the bilateral economic relations

On the 14th of May 2014 in the framework of GLOBSEC, Minister Bushati visited Slovakia and has a bilateral meeting with his counterpart Lajçak.

On the 15 of May 2015 Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Lajçak paid an official visit in Tirana.


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