Bilateral Relations

Relations with the United States of America
Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Albania and the United States of America were reestablished on 15 March 1991, after an interruption of 52 years. The diplomatic relations between our two countries were first established on 28 July 1922.
According to a general overview, relations between our countries began during the early twentieth century, when U.S. President Wilson, provided the necessary support to the new Albanian state for its recognition.
Albania is grateful to the U.S. for their support in the democratization and integration processes of the country.
The two countries are NATO allies. Albania supports the ‘open doors’ policy of NATO, which serves the democratic development and good neighborly relations, as well as the increase of security and national and regional stability.
Albania gives its contribution to peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan and Iraq; It was among the first countries to join the international coalition against terrorism and ISIL under the U.S. leadership and provides an active contribution to this coalition.
Relations with the U.S. are of primary and strategic importance. The U.S. is our ally and strategic partner. The level of bilateral relations is considered excellent. These relations have reached a level of partnership. The strategic partnership with the United States represents one of the cornerstones of our foreign policy. The Albanian government is highly committed to being a firm and reliable partner of the U.S. in terms of democratic development, preservation of stability, peace and prosperity in our region and beyond, the consolidation of the market economy, the fight against terrorism, protection of human rights.
The Joint Declaration on Albania-US Strategic Partnership, signed on April 20, 2015, during the visit of Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati in Washington, clearly reflects partnership relations between the two countries and materializes cooperation with a concrete and comprehensive calendar. This document focuses on the partnership between the two countries in three areas: partnership on global issues; partnership on regional issues and partnership on the bilateral agenda - political dialogue, security, strengthening of the rule of law in Albania, economic development, energy security as well as educational and cultural exchanges.
Economic cooperation
There is mutual desire and willingness that economic relations reach the level of political relations. There is a vast area of untapped potential for enhanced economic exchanges and increased investments in Albania.
The support that the U.S. government has provided all these years to Albania through its agencies for building institutions and the establishment of free market parameters, needs to be complemented with U.S. direct investments, especially in those priority and strategic sectors of our economy. The realization of this goal takes first-hand importance in relations with the U.S. To achieve this objective, to improve the business climate and legislation, the Government has undertaken, in a broader context, a series of legislative initiatives which have simplified procedures for starting a business, etc.
Currently, there are around 157 American businesses, or of joint Albanian-American ventures, mainly focused in the field of trade, industry and agriculture, concentrated in Tirana, Durres, Vlora (according to NRC).
In the framework of cooperation with U.S. agencies or institutions there is USAID, the Albanian-American Fund for Enterprises, the American Chamber of Commerce, etc.

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