Albania in UEFA Euro 2016

The European Championship is the main football competition of men led by UEFA. This competition is held every four years since its establishment in 1960. Its original name was “UEFA European Nations’ Cup”, while in 1968 it was named “UEFA European Football Championship”. Since 1996 the championships are appointed as European – briefly “Euro” plus the year (e.g. Euro 2012).


Until 1980, only four representatives have played in the final phase, meanwhile after this year eight teams started to compete.

In 1996, the competition was expanded into 16 representatives (four groups). From Euro 2016, 24 representatives shall compete in the final phase.


This championship is held in France and its importance is unusual for #Albania, which was qualified for the first time in the final stage of this event. An early dream of the Albanian people for football competitions came true.


Albania is part of Group A and it will face the teams of France, Romania and Switzerland.


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