AgroTech Expo & Forum 2019 – About The Fair


The 2nd Edition, International Agribusiness and Agro-Technology Expo 2019, organized by Expocity Albania, will take place on March 15-16, 2019.

The exhibition offers a business communication platform for the most important local, regional and international actors in the sectors of agriculture, agro-processing and agro-technologies.

Following the first edition’s experience, Agro-Tech Expo & Forum 2019 will continue to contribute to the development of the sector via: successful communication between companies, buyer exposure, and B2B meetings. These aim to create: new presentation and promotion opportunities for products and services, new partnerships, and information and education on the latest developments in agrarian technology and sectorial policy development.

Due to international attention, Agro-Tech Expo & Forum 2019, through targeted events, forums and educative workshops, will offer to local and regional entrepreneurs, opportunities for acknowledgement and know-hows of penetration and growth in new markets, sector specific knowledge exchange, networking, as well as information on the possibilities of scaling the business.


Agriculture is a priority sector with a high contributing potential in Albanian economic growth. Agriculture is the main source of employment particularly in the rural areas. This sector generates approximately 20% of the country GDP and comprises 38.2% of the total employment. Lately, the agriculture sector in Albania is showing sustainable growth and has contributed to the GDP’s increase. The growing demand for healthy, organically produced foods, increases the need for adaption to the latest technologies and more efficient solutions to further transform the agriculture business, in order to increase productivity and meet all the market needs. The agro-processing industry specifically, has provided the highest results during 2018. There has been an 18% increase in exports on this front.


The main Albanian governmental institutions, agricultural projects and the leading companies of the sector will serve as a success story of the recent developments and potential of the Albanian agricultural sector. In this regard, Agro-Tech Forum 2019 will gather all key actors to address all significant matters that affect the sector. Agro-Tech Forum will serve as the channel for exchanging information, expounding strategies and initiatives for further agricultural developments and investments, and presenting the best opportunities for sustainable development.

Albania has officially started the implementation of the instrument for Pre-Accession for Rural Development II (IPARD II) Program for Albania. IPARD II enables Albanian farmers and agribusinesses to have access to 71 million € funded by the EU for the period 2014-2020, which will be complemented with 23 million € by the Albanian Government – a total of 94 million € of funding available for investments in agriculture and rural development, strongly encouraging farmers and agribusinesses to become proactive, seize the opportunities created by the IPARD II funds, and apply for financial support.

Agro-Tech Forum 2019 will offer the best opportunities for obtaining effective information for agribusinesses.

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