Activities of Albanian children for the season’s holidays / 19.12.2012

On the eve of Christmas and New Year, at the premises of the Embassy was held on Saturday, December 8, 2012 a joyous gathering with Albanian children in Copenhagen.

This gathering was conceived not only in harmony with the festive atmosphere on the eve of Christmas and New Year, but also following the tradition of Danish institutions on the occasion of these holidays. Albanian children together with their parents were invited to participate in this event. The children decorated the Christmas tree in the lobby of the Embassy, singing and dancing on the rhythm of Albanian children songs.

They created a festive atmosphere where it was discussed about beauties and attractions of Albania.

Ambassador Cici, after switched on the tree lights welcomed the special guests of the Embassy. He kindly invited the parents to work more with their children born and raised abroad in order not to lose Albanian cultural and spiritual connection with the land of origin. In the end, the children received symbolic gifts, books of father of fairy tales, the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen and holiday traditional characteristic cakes.


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