Invitation to support the Albanian talent MTV European Music Awards 2013

Dear compatriots living in Denmark and in Scandinavian countries ,
Dear friends of Albania and Albanians ,
I want to let you know that the talented Albanian singer living in Denmark , Jimilian Ismail, is officially nominated by Denmark at the MTV European Music Awards 2013 the "Best Danish Act" :
The Final evening will be held in Amsterdam on November 10, 2013 where this famous musical world activity will declare the winner. Jimilian needs to be supported by us. He needs our vote, the vote of every Albanian feels proud of his success. Jimilian has to be voted by us and by all of our friends because its path towards European MTV Music Awards 2013 is a way for an Albanian talented we should all feel proud of.
Jimiliani was born in Lac (Albania) in 1994 . His family came to Denmark in 2000 where along with his big brother Besmir they have started to play music and to sing. These two boys are the children of Enver Ismaili one of the twins singers who became famous with the Kosova song in Gjirokastra Festival of 1983 called “we’re two brothers, two twins ".
Jimilian was only ten years old when he participated in the festival of young talents in Copenhagen with a lyric song composed by his brother Besmir. Their debut took the tenth place, which was a great success at the time.
SONY, the largest company in the world is managing their musical activity today.
Jimilian has today 30 million clicks on his songs on YouTube. He is one of the most beloved singers of Danish music and the new music star of this country .
Sincerely ,
Arben Cici


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