Welcome to the Albanian Embassy in Copenhagen

Dear readers, 

I am pleased to invite you today to become part of our official website.

We have created this contemporary way of communication, this window to look beyond, to provide you fast, safe and abundant information regardless of the geographical distance or the specificities of our countries.

Our website will be only at your service, at the service of our Danish friends and others, and of course at the service of Albanians in Denmark and wherever they are.

I really trust that all our future visitors will be surprised by the history, tradition, culture and virtues of the Albanian people. They will wish to touch this reality, enjoy the pearls of the Albanian nature, warm and sunny days, beautiful and clear sea water, the tasty and fresh food, as well as the hospitality of the Albanian spirit, by rushing to become part of coastal, mountainous and cultural tourism in Albania.

Our website will also provide information for all those who would like to make real their financial and business projects and further develop their opportunities, in the space, security and facilities offered by this NATO country, which firmly aims to become member of European Union.

Providing to Albanian citizens all the necessary official information regarding the visa liberalisation rules, passports, identity cards or other consular activities remains a priority of our official website.

We have also created a special section for young Albanians and all those who wish to take advantage of study opportunities in Denmark’s universities, for scientific research and cooperation in this important field.

Dear readers,

I would like to assure you that our Embassy remains committed to serve you with quality and at the same time invites you to become part of our challenge that already begun, through your proposals, suggestions or recommendations with the only purpose:

Quick and qualitative service!

Thank you!


Arben Cici

Ambassador of Albania to the Kingdom of Denmark

Copenhagen, June 15.


Ambasada Shqiptare
Frederiksholms Kanal 4, st.tv. 1220
Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel / Fax

Tel. + 45/ 33917979
Fax. + 45/ 33917969
Nr. i emergjences
+45 91783183



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