Albania is the destination of Wie is de Mol? 2022

Albania has been selected as the destination for the shooting of 12 series of season 22 for 2022 of the most watched TV show in the Netherlands, Wie is de Mol? (Who is the mole?).
In the show with an audience of over 4 million viewers, 11 competitors, Dutch VIP characters came to Albania and shot the games with challenges and adventures, in the most beautiful and impressive places of Albania.
From January 1, 2022, the Dutch public will eagerly follow how the Dutch VIP contestants will be disqualified one by one during the adventures in the most amazing places of Albania. The 11 Dutch stars who shot the series in Albania are well-known artists, TV presenters, actors, creators, journalists, writers, singers. They discover in each series, with their thrilling adventures, spectacular destinations of Albania for twelve weeks in a row.
In the final series of Wie is de Mol? (Who is the mole?) The winner of the 22nd season will be determined, but also, the infiltrator will be unmasked, the one who causes damage throughout the series, the one who eliminates friends with his intrigues, sabotages partners, causes losses for team, sows distrust and creates mysterious situations throughout the series.
The first series of season 22, Wie is de Mol? in Albania (Who is the mole?) will be shown on January 1, 2022 on the Dutch state television, NPO1. Every Saturday until March 13, 2022, the Dutch public will be stuck in front of the screen, watching the games of the Dutch VIPs against the fascinating background of nature, culture and impressive Albanian sites.
Filming of season 22 of the program Wie is de Mol 2022? (Who is the mole? 2022) were assisted and supported, among others, by the Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in the Netherlands.

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