Citizenship issues

Requirements for acquiring the Albanian citizenship

A foreigner, who has filed an application for acquiring the Albanian citizenship through naturalization, acquires it subject to the following conditions:

1. Be at least 18 years old; 

2. Have lawfully resided in the territory of the Republic of Albania, for at least 5 years; 

3. Have accommodation and sufficient financial means; 

4. Hasn’t been penally prosecuted in his own country or in the Republic of Albania for penal crimes charged with more than 3 years of imprisonment (not for political reasons);  

5. Have at least basic knowledge of the Albanian language; 

6. Granting of Albanian citizenship does not hinder the security and defense of the Republic of Albania.

Facilitated requirements 

Facilitated requirements are applied to the foreigners who are married with Albanian citizens, who could prove their Albanian origin or for those that the country has special interest (scientific, economic, cultural or national interest);

If both parent are granted the Albanian citizenship by naturalization, the child under 18 years of age, when he lives with the parents, can also become an Albanian citizen by request of both parents and the consent of the child (between 14-18 years of age).

If both parents of Albanian nationality adopt a child having another citizenship, the child is granted the Albanian citizenship.

Dual citizenship

Albania allows the dual citizenship. The Albanian citizens freely can apply the acquiring of another citizenship without losing the Albanian one. Foreigners also are not hindered to apply for the Albanian citizenship, without renouncing that of the country they originate. 

Renouncement of the citizenship

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