Austria supports Albania for the opening of negotiations on the verge of the publication of the European Commission’s Progress Report

Acting Minister Cakaj had a meeting in Austria with his counterpart Karin Kneissl.


At the end of the meeting with his Austrian counterpart, Cakaj voiced that Austria will support Albania in its European integration. Acting Minister Gent Cakaj said that Austria will provide Albania with diplomatic and technical support for Albania’s OSCE Chairmanship in 2020.


Furthermore, Cakaj informed that the focus of the meeting was the enhancement of bilateral cooperation in the field of economy, especially increasing foreign investments in Albania.


The Austrian Foreign Minister encouraged Albania to drive forward the reforms undertaken, such as the justice reform and the fight against corruption.


During her speech, Karin Kneissl said that Austria is a firm supporter of Albania. She laid emphasis on the results achieved by the Albanian Government especially in the justice reform and the vetting process.


Kneissl also pointed out Albania’s cooperative approach with the European Union in the fight against corruption, drug trafficking, and increasing security, where she underlined the very good progress that has been made. She said that the Austrian Government will support Albania on these processes.


These reformative processes, according to Kneissl, will make South East Europe and the European Union safer.


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