Cakaj-Darmanovic: Partnership between the two countries, guarantee for the region’s stability and western orientation of the region

Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Gent Cakaj, during his visit to Montenegro, as part of his visits to the countries of the region, held a meeting with his Montenegrin counterpart, Srdan Darmanovic. At this meeting, he praised the intensive cooperation with Montenegro as an important partner, a NATO ally and in the process of EU membership.“The partnership and cooperation with Montenegro is an encouraging example for the Western Balkan region, marking as well a guarantee for the stability and western orientation of the region”, said Cakaj.
The very good level of political cooperation was assessed in the meeting and there was a discussion on the deepening of bilateral relations within the framework of the joint government mechanism and commitments undertaken in the framework of regional cooperation, such as joint cross-border projects, Regional Economic Zone measures as well as the completion of infrastructure, energy and infrastructure corridors.”The economic cooperation and trade exchanges,” both Ministers emphasized, “should reflect and follow the trends of political cooperation between the two countries.”
Acting Minister Cakaj underlined the constructive, moderating and active role of the Albanian political factor in Montenegro, both in the Euro-Atlantic integration processes and in the political and social life of the country. In addition, both Ministers discussed the strengthening of economic development in the areas where Albanians live, especially the cross-border areas, for the better representation of Albanians in central and local institutions, as well as the measures for the education and preservation of their identity.
“We have supported the coalition of Albanian parties in Tuz and we are extremely happy for their victory. Our approach is of course the care for Albanians and in this context we discussed with the Minister that it is necessary to translate the excellent interstate cooperation into an increasingly positive spirit cooperation at the inter-community level. We will meet today with the Albanian parties, and on this occasion we will offer full readiness for our cooperation and we believe that their victory has been extremely deserved and perhaps an encouraging example of the necessity of building the unity of the Albanian factor” – Acting Minister Cakaj said in his speech at the press conference with Foreign Minister Srdjan Darmanovic, shortly after the bilateral meeting.
Acting Minister Cakaj, praised the cooperation with Montenegro in the framework of international organizations and in particular the support of Montenegro for receiving the OSCE Chairmanship from Albania in 2020, pointing out that the region will be the focus of Albanian priorities for the organization.


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