Colours of Albania is coming; Stay tuned......

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania is about to launch the second edition of the initiative "Colours of Albania". This year the project "Colours of Albania" will be supported by the mobile company "Telekom Albania" and will be presented on June 8, 2016 in the presence of Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania.

What is "Colours of Albania"?

The project aims to collect over 50,000 photos from Albanian citizens across the world posting "hashtag #coloursofalbania" that later will be printed out in a new catalog, which will be distributed worldwide through Albanian Diplomatic Missions and Embassies. The photos will also be distributed to all social networks, web, Facebook, twitter, Instagram. This initiative also aims at presenting the image of Albania through pictures, transmitting the true colors of the Albanian towns and villages and stunning beaches and unspoiled landscapes, as well as shopping and historic castles of Albania.


The theme of the contest is free including, religious co-existence, Albanian society, art and culture. The theme will be posted every week on social networks, Facebook, twitter, web on mobile network "Telecom Albania", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Albanian Diplomatic Missions and Embassies across the world. "Colours of Albania" will start its launch on May 27, 2016 and will last until July 31, 2016. "Colours of Albania" is coming; Stay tuned…..


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