Minister Bushati at “Innovation Festival”: Society’s resistance to Online Services. Technological development fights corruption and increases transparency

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati attended the Innovation Festival, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Municipality of Tirana. In his remarks, Minister Bushati focused on the importance that innovation has in society as an indispensable necessity for the country’s economic development. Based on MEFA’s experience with the Online Consular service, the minister pointed out society’s reluctance in using online services, as well as the digital space challenges.

Minister Bushati recalled the resistance that MEFA faced with the citizens at that time with the launching of the online service or the digital consulate. This came mainly due to the doubts that citizens had at that time on the capability of the online system to handle sensitive, personal data or due to the doubts whether or not Albanians are able “embrace” such a practices. Minister Bushati said that the model of the most developed countries like the United States or Great Britain, which have been using it for many years, has been followed. “We followed the same model and as we stand here today, a good part of these services are all online, except for those services which require physical presence of the citizens,” underlined Minister Bushati.

The same resistance was shown to the consular application, or as we know it E-Konsulata, which is offered to Albanian tourist or the Albanian citizen traveling abroad with the purpose to provide timely information for all countries of the world, about the regime they have, whether they can move with or without visas, about the situation there, the main services that can be provided, about the security situation etc.

“We strongly believe that transparency, the fight against corruption and the development of society are also related to technological development. Thus, specific policies are needed to support these developments” continued the Minister.

He pointed out the EU Program “Horizon 2020”, which has granted financial support to 18 Albanian companies or individuals involved in this mini-technological revolution from a country that aspires to be a EU member. “Apart from the fund that the Albanian government has provided, opportunities that exist through the EU funds, we have to be as innovative, competitive and cooperative as possible,” said Minister Bushati.


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