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datën 6 nëntor ambasadori Pëllumb Qazimi

Albania soon member of CEF


On 5th November, the Embassy of Albania in Slovenia officially deposited the application document for membership of Albania to the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF).

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datën 30 tetor ambasadori Pëllumb Qazimi

3rd Head of Missions's Meeting under the Luxembourg Presidency - 28 October 2015

The 3rd Head of Missions's Meeting under the Luxembourg Presidency was held in Ljubljana on 28 October 2015. Part of the meeting were the Ambassadors of EU Countries and the EU Candidate Countries. The guest of honour was H.E. Mr. Dušan Mramor, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia. The meeting on behalf of the Luxembourg Presidency was led by H.E. Mr.

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datën 28 tetor ambasadori Pëllumb Qazimi u

Second working luncheon of NATO Ambassadors/Heads of Missions in Ljubljana


On 26th October in Ljubljana by the invitation of H.E. Mrs Serra Kaleli, Ambassador of Turkey in Slovenia was held the second working luncheon of NATO Ambassadors/Heads of Missions in the Republic of Slovenia.

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datën 16 tetor ambasadori Pëllumb Qazimi zhvilloi vizitë

Balkan SAYS seminar, Bled, 15 October 2015


The Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia is organizing for the third consecutive year the Balkan SAYS - Security Architecture Youth Seminar, which gathers together about 40 young and interested participants from 22 countries. Part of the seminar are also young representatives from Albania.


Meeting with Ambassador Dr Ernest Petrič

On 14 October Ambassador Pëllumb Qazimi met Ambassador Dr Ernest Petrič, judge of the Slovenian Constitutional Court of Slovenia. At the meeting it was discussed how to increase the bilateral cooperation in the field of judicial and the developments in South East Europe.

Roundtable marking the 70th anniversary of the UN


Ambassador Pellumb Qazimi, on 13th October, attended the roundtable organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia on the occasion of 70th anniversary of the United Nations. The logo of the round table was "Strong UN - Better World".


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