Successful Regatta on Slovenian Maritime Day

The first Regatta on Slovenian Maritime Day took place in Portorž on Saturday 7 March 2015. There were 18 sailing boat registered for the regatta, but only 14 completed in the race. The results in the category all over OPEN are the following: OCEAN Koper (skipper: Peter Pondunovac); ATHENA (skipper: Robert Hare); RASCA (skipper: Boris Šinka). The all day event started in the morning in Marina Portorož where crews and invited guest gathered before the opening ceremony were the Slovenian European Commissioner for Transport Ms Violeta Bulc had the welcome address. After the short ceremony and skipper's meeting the crews went on the sea to compete in the regatta. The Commissioner and invited guests, among them were also ambassadors accredited in Slovenia, watched the race from the accompanying boat. The price giving ceremony for sailors was in Marina Portorož after the regatta, while the main three awards (absolute winners) were also given at the end official celebration of the Slovenian Maritime Day that took place in the Auditorium Portorož. The awards to the first three skippers were handed over by the European Commissioner Ms Violeta Bulc and the Director of Maritime Administration Mr Jadran Klinec. Part of the ceremony was also the Minister of Infrastructure of Slovenia.

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