Albania participates at the First Policy Research Conference in Ljubljana

The 1st Policy Research Conference of the European Central Bank Network which has been jointly established by the Bank of Slovenia and the Centre for Economic Policy Reasearch (CEPR) brought together researchers from 19 European central banks, senior officials of other international financial institutions and leading academics which took place in Ljubljana on 1st and 2nd October. The participants presented and discussed policy-oriented research from the perspective of their own economies centered around the theme of this year’s conference which was “The allocation of credit before and after the Great Recession: implications for the real economy”.

Albanian representative, Altin Tanku, (Bank of Albania) participated to the conference and presented the subject “The efficiency of Credit Allocation, An Application of Kernel Density Estimation on Albanian Banking System Data”. Representative from Albanian Embassy participated to the conference on 1st and 2nd of October.   

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