Promotional project dedicated to Albanian tourism

On February 9, the ambassador Pëllumb Qazimi received Jernej Privšek and Tine Slabe, who presented their project dedicated to Albania and Albanian tourism. Jernej Privšek and Tine Slabe, two world known Slovenian watermen athletes, came up with an astonishing idea for a project, which will bring the beauty of the Albanian coast to the world. Their experience as world travelers and at the same time area experts will help them to unite in one project the excitement of the action sport, the beauty of the nature, culinary and the cultural presentation of Albania.

The objective of the two athletes is that during the period of March 2016 to prepare a documentary on Albanian tourism and the opportunities it offers. Further, at the end of the tourist season they aim to conclude the second part of the project. They have implemented similar project in other countries. It is intended to distribute the documentary in social networks, and to present it at international festivals taking place around the world. Wind/kite surfing movie filmed in Albania during spring 2016 represents an important project for promoting the image of Albania and the Albanian tourism not only in Slovenia, but also beyond. The Embassy of Albania in Slovenia will be part of the project by providing all possible support and assistance.

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