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COVID-19 Rules/ COVID-19 Rules / No entry restrictions


The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs informs all Albanian and foreign citizens that there are no entry restrictions to visit Albania, no Covid-19 Test is required, and no other special documents.

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Important information for visitors entering Albania during the Covid-19 pandemics

Last update 13.04.2021
All those interested in traveling to Albania, herewith are reminded that Albania has opened its borders on June 1, 2020.
The 14-day quarantine obligation will not be applied except in special cases if ordered by respective health authorities;
At the border crossing points no specific documents are required to enter the Albanian territory;

Bring your Business to Albania


Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) has recently published two important documents with information on investment opportunities in Albania and the top reasons why Albania attracts Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).

In specific, the publications:

UPDATE on COVID 19 Restrictions in Albania as of 1 of June 2020


The Albanian government continues to loosen COVID-19-related restrictions throughout the country. 


During the weekend of May 30-31:

  • The curfew for citizens across the country is lifted. 
  • Restrictions on shops’ operating hours are lifted.
  • The red-green zone divide still applies.  No intercity travel between the zones is allowed.
  • Beaches in coastal towns are open to residents only. 
  • Cars will not be permitted to circulate on Sunday.

Effective as of June 1, 2020:

UPDATE on COVID 19 Restrictions in Albania


The Albanian government has continued to loosen COVID-19-related restrictions throughout the country.  Tirana, Durres, Kavaja, Kurbin and Shkodra remain designated as “red zones” and have additional restrictions relative to the rest of the country.  Travel between red and green zones is still prohibited. 

Some new changes that took effect on Monday, May 18, 2020, include:

·        Pedestrians and vehicles may circulate within red and green zones without permits. 

·        The curfew in red zones is extended to 9:00 p.m. and there is no curfew in green zones.

Embassy Granted the Certificate of Appreciation to a group of distinguished teachers of Albania Diaspora, March 9, 2019


On the occasion of the Teachers Day, the Albanian Embassy in Switzerland, honored by granted the Certificate of Appreciation a group of distinguished teachers, for their priceless and valuable contribution in preserving a promoting the Albanian language and culture among the younger generation of the Albanian Diaspora in Switzerland.

Certificate of Appreciation to the Cultural Association “Vellezerit Arberesh” of Frasineto in Calabria


The Albanian Embassy in Bern organized a welcoming ceremony for the members of the Cultural Association of “Vellezerve Arberesh of”Frasineto in Calabria. On this occasion, the Ambassador I.Gjoni issued a Certificate of Appreciation to this Association for its valuable contribution to the promotion of the values of the Albanian nation around the world.

Artistic celebrations on the 11th anniversary of Kosovo's, February 16,2019


In the framework of the 11th anniversary of Kosovo's independence,a series of artistic cultural activities were organized in various cities of Switzerland. On February 16 in the city of Friburg, the Albanian community of this canton organized a great artistic activity with the participation of Albanian artists Mimoza Nazarko, Gjon Guralumi, Edmond Basha and Dori Sota, as well as with the special participation of thecultural artist group "Vellezrit Arbëreshe" of Frasinetto, by the motto " The roots do not lose them cultivated ".


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