COVID-19 / New rules for entering Albania

 Starting from 02nd of December 2021, to enter the Republic of Albania, whether by land, sea, air and for transit travelers as well, you must be equipped with:

 Vaccination passport, where the date of the last vaccination is at least 2 weeks applied from the date of entry into the border OR

 PCR test performed up to 72 hours before entry; OR

 Rapid antigen test performed within 48 hours before entry; OR

 Valid document proving that you have passed or recovered from Covid-19 up to 6 months after recovery;

 Children up to the age of 6 are exempt from these criteria; 

  Albanian citizens residing in Albania, who return and do not have a document mentioned above, must be isolated for 10 days and inform the health authorities to perform a test at the end of isolation.

 Given the fact that the new Omicron variant has been identified in citizens who have had travel history and contacts in South African countries, considering the fact that the nature of the virus' aggressiveness is still unclear and the measures taken by other countries of the world, the Committee of Experts in Albania, decided to recommend banning the entry of foreign nationals with travel history within the last 14 days, starting from 03th of December 2021 for three weeks, for these countries:

- South Africa

- Kenya

- Angola

- Zambia

- Botswana

- Senegal

  Albanian resident citizens, who come to Albania and have a travel history of the last 14 days, in the countries listed above, will be quarantined in their homes for 14 days and will be monitored by health authorities.

 All passengers who are allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Albania, in addition to complying with the protocols of airline international standards worldwide, must also follow and respect the rules listed below:

 Only travelling passengers will enter the airport building, avoiding being escorted by their family members;

 Passengers must respect the social distance of 1.5 meters during the entire stay at the airport;

 Priority is given to the elderly, people in need and families with minor children; 

 For more information:

 Keep in mind the local measures that are currently in force:

 Starting from 02nd of December 2021, every citizen +18 years old, can take the booster dose if there has been 6 months since the second dose.

 By December 31, all employees of public administration, employees of supermarkets and shopping centers who have not been vaccinated, will have to get vaccinated, as from January 4, 2022, they will be required vaccination card or negative PCR test every 5 days.

 Restricted public movement between 11.00 P.M to 06.00 A.M, except for health reasons or emergencies;

 Masks remain mandatory for indoors and public transportation. It is recommended to keep the mask in all those places where is not possible to keep social distance and for those which have not received the full dose of vaccination; 

 In all health institutions, the entry of family members for persons who are hospitalized, is not allowed.

 Night clubs remain closed;

 Restricted activities from 11.00 P.M to 06.00 A.M for bars and restaurants, except the delivery service;

 Outdoor gatherings will be allowed up to 50 people, following the protocol of rules and social distance, set by the Institute of Public Health Albania: ;

 Sports championships, the activities of theatres, artistic, cultural performances, and conferences will be allowed with the presence of fans, with a reduced capacity of up to 30% according to the IPH protocol.

 Please visit the page of the Civil Aviation Authority Albania, for more information regarding flights and list of countries:

 For more information about the Covid-19 data’s in Albania:

 For further information on COVID-19 visit:

or call local numbers 127. For psychological support call the green line 0800 40-40.

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