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It is a privilege for me to have been appointed as Albanian Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation and Principality of Liechtenstein and it is an honor to serve my country in this capacity. The Embassy of Albania in Bern promotes links and exchanges between the two countries in political, economic and cultural aspects. Albania commemorates with gratitude the significant economic aid offered by Switzerland during the last three decades following the collapse of the communist system. We maintain a warm and friendly relationship and together with the Embassy staff, I look forward to further strengthening our close ties which in the past decades have developed and strengthened dynamically in a multitude of areas of common interests. This includes services for Albanian citizens, regular exchanges with Swiss businesses and the organization of cultural activities between our two countries and people-to-people relations for the benefit of an even deeper knowledge of and understanding between our nations. For decades thousands of Albanian from all regions of the Balkans have come to Switzerland looking for new opportunities. Others came as refugees from religious or political persecution.  All of them were well received and absorbed into the mainstream of the Swiss society which they have enriched with their heritage.This significant and vibrant Albanian diaspora across Switzerland add a special value to the relationship between our two countries.

Besides our fruitful bilateral cooperation, as an active member of the U.N., Albania is serving for the first time as a non-permanent member of the U.N. Security Council for the years 2022/23. In this capacity, Albania is committed to being a trusted partner, particularly in the struggle for the rule of law, the peaceful resolution of conflicts, conflict prevention, disarmament and non-proliferation. In this framework we are closely cooperating with Switzerland which will take up the UN Security Council seat as non-permanent member for the consecutive year.

Should you be unable to find what you are looking for, the Embassy will be pleased to provide additional information and assistance whenever needed, just as we would welcome your comments or suggestions for the content of the website.I am grateful for all the support that you can give me in this endeavor.You can follow the Embassy on Twitter and on Facebook.

Curriculum vitae
Ilir Gjoni was born in Tirana on April 20, 1962.  He obtained a degree in 1985 from the University of Tirana, Faculty of History and Philology, English language branch.
He has two Master degrees; in Diplomacy acquired at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, Malta (1991-1992) and National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California (2002-2004). 
Mr. Gjoni has almost thirty years of experience in various government and non-government institutions. He has worked in diplomacy (MFA) for almost ten years, (1985-1994), in journalism as international news editor in one of the country’s biggest independent newspapers (Koha Jone).  
Ilir Gjoni has also worked for international organizations such as UNHCR as Liaison Officer at the BO Tirana (1997-1999). 
Mr. Gjoni’s working experience includes also a relatively long period as senior government official serving as Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister (1999-2000) as well as both Defense and Interior Minister respectively (2000-2002) and as a Legislator (2001-2005; 2009-2013).
Ilir Gjoni speaks fluent English and understands and speaks French and Italian.
He is married and has two sons.

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