Speaker of Parliament Mr. Ilir Meta paid an official visit to the British Parliament

Invited by the British Parliament, a delegation of the Albanian Parliament, headed by the Speaker of parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta, visited London on the 12-14 September 2016. Amongst the members of the Albanian delegation were, Ms. Arta Dade, Head of Commission on Foreign Policy and Mr. Gerti Bogdani, an MP.
The Albanian delegation was welcomed in a significant number meetings with officials such as: the Speaker of the British House of Commons, Mr. Bercow, the Leader of the House of Commons Mr. Lidington and the British Leader of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Mr. Evans. Also in attendance were, the Minister of State for Security Mr. Wallace, The Speaker of the House of Lords, Mr. Boswell, the Leader of the Justice Committee, Mr. Neill, and the Leader of the Defence Committee Mr. Lewis, in addition to several MPs and members of the House of Lords. 
During all the meetings, both sides confirmed the excellent political relations between the two countries and valued the critical role the respective parliamentarians may play in the further advancing the existing political cooperation.
Mr Meta informed the participants of the recent developments in Albania regarding the Justice reform, the role of Albania in the Balkans and its relations with its neighbours, it’s progress on fulfilment of the requirements for accession to EU membership and its fight against organised crime, terrorism and trafficking.
The British side expressed its appreciation for the large-scale reforms undertaken by the Albanian government in recent years, considering its foreign policy as a significant factor in maintaining peace and stability in the region, whilst praising the government’s commitment to the fight against organised crime, human trafficking, terrorism, etc.
Likewise, the necessity to intensify communications between the MPs of both parliaments was agreed with the aim of maintaining the flow of amicable relations between the two countries and to continue the exchange of best practices. 

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